March 11, 2010

Trinity Brewhouse

Trinity Brewhouse Restaurant & Brewery
186 Fountain Street
Providence, RI
(401) 453-BEER

Friendly bartender Ethan has been working for restaurant owner Josh Miller for over 30 years. We chatted on a rainy Thursday evening as I enjoyed a delicious pint of a Belgian Amber Ale. Trinity opened about fifteen years ago. Providence was in need of a brewpub, Union Station Brewery had opened about a year before. But when it opened Trinity differentiated itself as a non-corporate, locally owned restaurant and brewery. While the start-up costs were high, once it established itself, the cost of beer production decreased (until more recently when the costs of hops and barely skyrocketed), allowing Trinity to pass on the low costs to patrons (22 oz. beer is still less than $5!!). Trinity's brews have become so popular that a few years ago Trinity Beer Company was formed, selling bottled beer throughout southern New England. While the bottled beer is brewed in Pawcatuck, CT, all of the pints served at the Brewhouse are brewed onsite, no other beers are sold.

Trinity has brewed 50-70 beers in the last fifteen years. The beers on tap are constantly changing, with an innovative brewmaster crafting new creations and bringing back old favorites. Owner Josh Miller has gone from celebrated restaurateur (currently owning Trinity and Local 121) to state senator. In a city like Providence it's amazing there aren't more breweries like Trinity. But when you have one with such great food and beer, do you really need more?
Trinity Chopped Salad
{Trinity Chopped Salad & Belgian Amber Ale}
Seafood Chowder
{Seafood Chowder & Kolsch}

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