The idea for Small Bites began during research for the exhibit Food on the Movea collaboration between the Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum and the Public Humanities Program at Brown University.  In the exhibit, we explore the history of eating while traveling on different modes of transportation. While our exhibit is focused on meals consumed on the move, our research for it started to make us think about the food that we eat locally, right here in Rhode Island's favorite restaurants.  In stark contrast to the increasingly standardized foodstuffs offered today as travel fare, offerings in Rhode Island's restaurants range from traditional Yankee Johnny Cakes to Cambodian 'Medicine Soup' to French crepes. The food we eat locally is therefore representative of foods from a variety of different culinary traditions and places. Just like in the exhibit, it was the stories behind these meals that most interested us: who prepares the food we eat, where do the recipes come from, what do the ingredients mean to the people who use them, what does eating mean in different cultures and how is it adapted to the American context, and where is the food we eat raised and grown? These questions serve as the basis for Small Bites, a blog which explores the spices and stories of Rhode Island's local eateries. 

     The blog is a collaborative effort, co-authored by a team of students from Brown's Public Humanities Program and each author brings a unique perspective to food exploration around Rhode Island. We welcome feedback and comments and look forward to joining the existing conversation about Rhode Island's diverse restaurants. Thanks for reading!

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