March 5, 2010

A Rhody Food Tour.

     After a few weeks of planning the details of Small Bites, we decided to kick things off with a group visit to the Providence Athenaeum. Doesn't sound like a typical choice for folks looking for a bite to eat, does it? Well, while on a typical evening delights to be found there are of a decidedly more literary bent, last Friday night, they were purely of the culinary variety. The Athenaeum hosted a veritable culinary extravaganza as part of its Friday night salon series and featured Mike Ritz of Rhody Food Tours along with chefs and owners from four different Providence restaurants. 
     As founder of Rhody Food Tours, Mike Ritz plays tour guide, sharing with tour-goers some of the best of what Rhode Island cuisine has to offer, in places where you might least expect to find it.  On Friday night, Mike shared the stories behind his Immigrant Cuisines of Greater Providence Tour, and brought along chefs Sanjiv Dhar from Kabob & Curry and Rasoi restaurants, Maria Meza and her son Joaquin from El Rancho Grande, and Kazu Kondo from Ebisu. Guests were invited to munch on samples while listening to the stories behind the restaurants from the chefs themselves, all of whom bring culinary traditions from across the globe to Providence. 
     As for us, we couldn't have been happier. Delicious food, stories to go along with it, and four restaurants we'll be sure to hit up soon!
{Tamales and Flauta from El Rancho Grande}
{Gyoza from Ebisu}
{Quesadilla's from El Rancho Grande}
{Samosas from Kabob & Curry}

Update: On March 13, March 27, April 3, and April 24, Rhody Food Tours will be hosting Immigrant Cuisines Part II! Email for more information.


  1. Mike, this is so brilliant. I am on a mission this year to prove to my kids that food doesn't "come from" the grocery store, but from farms, like the one their great-grandfather grew up on.

    Part of that story is how it is prepared, and this is such a wonderful way to acknowledge and appreciate the chefs and the ethnic variety and THE FOOD itself.

    We can't go this week, but I hope our family can join you on the next tour!


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